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Needs and Objectives

Basic Concept and Objective Top
Three Core Research Fields
and its Members
Merging and Unification
of Research Fields

Objectives: Cooperative research between all basic technologies of silicon LSIs at the worldfs top level. Main goal is the evolutionary development of new future main-stream technology for: the unification of system, circuit, device-modeling and device-fabrication research; wireless and optical interconnections; 3D transistors as well as systems with high-level recognition and learning capabilities.
Not only technology advancements, but also industrial promotion and a contribution to the information society will be made by COE formation.
Highly-capable human resources will be brought up by the practical education in research and development.

Needs: For more than 10 years, silicon integration technologies will remain the main stream of the industries. For taking the leadership in this field, research for an evolutionary technology development is necessary.
By such a broad visionary research, training practical and well reflecting specialists and leaders is strongly required.